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100% Organic Wild Friendly Certify Merinos Wool. Color Black. Handmade; One of a Kind.
Made in Argentina



Handle your Maydi piece(s) with the kind of delicate care that went into its creation. Hand-wash using neutral soap and air-dry by laying the piece flat on a clean surface. One dried, you may touch it up using a cold iron. 
We also recommend using The Laundress New York products as a non-toxic and eco-friendly solution to washing delicates and dry cleaning alternative.  Must follow instructions.

Born in Argentina, Maria Abdala-Zolezzi alias "Maydi" is a franco-argentine designer who graduated in Fashion Design by the London College of Fashion. She worked for more than twelve years in the fashion industry in Paris and Milan working for brands like band of Outsiders, Golden Goose Deluxe Brand, Isabel Marant, PLC Consulting Paris for the Fédération Française de la Couture among others.
Maria returned to Argentina to found Maydi, a venture expressing her commitment to quality, art, and fashion. Being so, her brand lays its foundation upon a particular concept of time: ageless contemporary design. To attain this, each garment is carefully hand-made, with processes that respect both workers and the environment. Likewise, Maydi's uncompromising care fro details enables her to create top-quality durable knitwear. Her timeless pieces are enhanced through the unique Argentine know-how of ancient crafts and some of the best natural fibers in the world. 




When working with noble fibers and ancestral processes quantities are limited and sometimes impossible to replicate in a consistent base. This approach , not only helps the environment but also opens up a dialogue to keep traditions, techniques, and cultures alive. Something that was getting lost in a global economy of mass production and heavy consumption. We are very proud to have our collection made in limited quantities and in family run labs. We understand that our process is not fast and our collection is mainly seasonless but we are proud to have a circular and constant economy that makes a difference in every family that is involved in the process.