Mendoza  Gaucho Leather Belt Oetlco Ora et Labora Collection
Mendoza  Gaucho Leather Belt Oetlco Ora et Labora Collection


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Beautifully handcrafted leather belt. Brown, navy, and grey waxed thread. Brass buckle.
As Ora et Labora's first product development, we partnered with artisans to create a neutral palette and raw leather as our own interpretation of the belts; the Minimalist gaucho. 
The Cuero Crudo leather is tanned with a traditional formula from Northern Argentina. It is an artisanal and natural process that uses salt, tannins, and fats, and the hides are sun and wind dried for 90 to 120 days. The color is obtained without any chemicals components, using natural pigments and respecting the environment.
Made in Argentina 


We suggest ordering your belt 2 inches longer than your pant waist size, 3 inches longer if you prefer extra length; Or measure the area where you will be wearing your belt and add the extra length. Personal preferences lie in wearing high or low waisted.

We recommend to use it, abuse it, and enjoy it!







When working with noble fibers and ancestral processes quantities are limited and sometimes impossible to replicate in a consistent base. This approach , not only helps the environment but also opens up a dialogue to keep traditions, techniques, and cultures alive. Something that was getting lost in a global economy of mass production and heavy consumption. We are very proud to have our collection made in limited quantities and in family run labs. We understand that our process is not fast and our collection is mainly seasonless but we are proud to have a circular and constant economy that makes a difference in every family that is involved in the process.