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The perfect balance of art and function. Solid bronze bracelet, with natural featuring a T-Bar clasp. Genderless. About 7''/ 7.85 cm long not including clasp.

Made in Tuscany, Italy.



Antonio's pieces are made from solid bronze and natural stones, surface-wrought, and treated with Tuscan extra virgin olive oil. Free from nickel and other dangerous substances. Surface changes will occur due to skin acidity, exposure to light, and temperature. They can be removed with hot water and natural soap, ey, those natural changes turn your piece to personalized jewelry. Use a soft cloth dipped in olive oil to revive the jewelry.

Antonio Massarutto is a sculptor and designer based in Tuscany. His passion for sculpture brought him to the ancient city of Cortona set in the hills of Tuscany where he set up his studio. Inspired by the ancient Etruscan craftsmanship and by the city's right cultural heritage, he developed a new visual vocabulary and a contemporary language. His designs reference simplicity, boldness, unusual associations combined with respect and admiration for the past of the Italian visual and intellectual heritage.




When working with noble fibers and ancestral processes quantities are limited and sometimes impossible to replicate in a consistent base. This approach , not only helps the environment but also opens up a dialogue to keep traditions, techniques, and cultures alive. Something that was getting lost in a global economy of mass production and heavy consumption. We are very proud to have our collection made in limited quantities and in family run labs. We understand that our process is not fast and our collection is mainly seasonless but we are proud to have a circular and constant economy that makes a difference in every family that is involved in the process.