Jewelry that will make you stand out.

Ora et Labora offers an exclusive collection of unique jewelry that you can wear daily or on special moments or events in your life. Here, you can find the necklace, bracelet, ring, earring, or pin that not only makes you look effortlessly chic but celebrates your unique sense of style, too. Combine classic and minimalist with hip and modern. Add OETL jewelry to your wardrobe staples so you can easily put together fashion-forward outfits no matter the occasion. These high-fashion pieces of jewelry are made with quality craftsmanship and — most importantly — respect and appreciation for tradition. OETL.CO’s pieces aren’t just accessories, they’re a product of skill, passion, and hard work towards keeping a culture alive.

Often handmade, you won’t get the exact same thing twice from Ora et Labora’s jewelry offerings. Each piece is designed and crafted with love and passion, and is made from ethical and local materials carefully chosen to follow OETL’s efforts towards social and environmental responsibility. Our craftsmen use safe and sustainable materials, free from dangerous substances, for jewelry that will last you a long time with proper care.

Unique jewelry made from sustainable materials.

At Ora et Labora, we are proud to curate pieces crafted by local makers from Italy and Argentina using techniques passed down from generation to generation. We have built a community of designers and craftsmen who use sustainable materials in their purest state. OETL is dedicated to supporting our community’s culture, traditions, and history while helping them make a living with ethical practices.

With your support, Ora et Labora can add more to its collection, handpicked with great care and consideration as always. Join the OETL.CO community today!