Take style and culture home with you.

Home should feel cozy, comfortable, familiar and, if you ask us, a celebration of culture and social development. 100% of our home products are made by sustainable methods, thanks to the incredible craftsmen we work with. With their own hands and knowledge that has survived generations, they make one-of-a-kind stylish home pieces.

In beautifully relaxing earth tones and warm neutrals, you can add a touch of minimalism to your home with a throw or blanket. Make your living room a safe place to read in quiet, wrap yourself up with these natural materials. 

We pride ourselves on working with artisan designers and craftsmen. We love and respect the hard work that goes into making their handcrafted decor pieces. We want them to make their products without changing a thing. So a lot of our pieces have been designed, sourced and made abroad, right where they originate from. 

Authenticity and uniqueness is brought to your home, with these classic neutral colors, soft refined materials and elegantly designed minimalist decor pieces.