Footwear that will take you places.

Ora et Labora’s small yet fabulous collection of footwear will give you something to flaunt, whether you’re just walking down the street or partying till morning. These shoes are created with a great amount of thought and passion. The Bomba Boots, designed through the lens of Lucila Lotti, combine the elements of geometry, color and textures to create extraordinary footwear that will make people stop and stare. 

On the other end of the spectrum, the Roma Flats set themselves apart with the perfect mix of family inspiration and Lotti’s unique sense of style. Your everyday ballet flats don’t have to be basic and boring; stand out and be the talk of the town with the amazing Roma Flats.

Not “just shoes.”

The Roma Flats and Bomba Boots aren’t “just shoes,” for Ora et Labora Co.’s selection of footwear is more than that. Each piece is a work of art that took time, effort, passion, and creativity to make a pair of shoes that allow you to express yourself and take you places. Go through life like the unique individual that you are with OETL.CO footwear.