Accessories in all shapes and sizes.

At Ora et Labora, respect for culture and tradition is a priority in everything we do. Our team of designers produce accessories that not only elevate your look but give you the chance to support local craftsmen as well. Shop our one-of-a-kind hats, scarves, and belts, and get lost in the mesmerizing shapes and beach-tone pieces and textures that remain and will continue to remain timeless.

Browse our collection of accessories and you’ll see pieces made by the hands of craftsmen with skills passed down to them through generations. It has taken years and years of hard work and a love of artisan-made clothing to create a variety of pieces that give off a truly unique style. You’ll find expressive, warm earth tones in our accessories, great for any seasonal outfits with a toned-down vibe. 

A love for culture oozes out of every piece. OETL.CO is proud to offer designer’s accessories that are made from recycled and sustainable materials, which have breathed life into our vision of classic and expressive pieces.

Many of our pieces are bringing lost arts back to the fore because we want to remind people to not lose their down-to-earth spirit. The things that make you want to wear and celebrate stylish accessories are steeped in history and attention to detail. For quality and passion, you cannot beat handmade sustainable style from Ora et Labora.