Oversized kimono. 100% Merino Wool. Color black.

Made in Argentina.
Size: OS


Cubreme was born out of a decision to create simple, noble and timeless textiles and objects that awaken in each person a desire for belonging and perpetuity. Alejandra Gotelli is the pilar founder behind Cubreme. Trained as a geography teacher, she felt the necessity to educate social, economic, and environmental values in a different way: Through Natural and Regional Fibers.
Today, Alejandra thru Cubreme helps to shape and follow the work of organic cotton in the Chaco Province, the protection of wild guanacos in the Northern Region and the ethical wool production in Patagonia. Cubreme uses natural fibers preserving their purest and authentic state. Throughout production processes, the brand is able to study and protect manual loom techniques and co-participate with local agricultural producers to develop a clean and valuable chain aspiring to a more equitable and long-term economy.

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