The poster reads: Homenajes Urbanos

It's easy to walk by any kind of art and get caught in their beauty yet know nothing about the artist who made it. Homenajes Urbanos is trying to change that.

The duo's name translates to "Urban tributes"; they make posters like the ones you see above, and just like our goal, they look forward to bringing art (aka Culture) and the public closer.
Melisa Boratyn is an art curator and Alejandro Giorgga, an urban artist. Together, they built Homenajes Urbanos emphasize the importance of street intervention as a way to encourage people to investigate, appreciate with photos on social media or visit the exhibit and recognize the artist behind the poster.

Homenajes Urbanos example Homenajes Urbanos example
    Homenajes urbanos example  Homenajes urbanos example
Homenajes Urbanos example  Homenajes Urbanos example      

Since the paste ups are a visual, sometimes typographic representation of an unknown artist or piece of art, they end up triggering the curious nature of everyone. We wanted people to ask, to read, and to feel attracted to Culture through an appealing and easy-to-understand layout. So, we made it!
At the beginning of the year we got to work. Our space inside Modern Nomad was transformed with the help from the pair behind Homenajes Urbanos. And not to brag but we’re pretty impressed with our paste up skills!

OETLCO's cube inside Modern Nomad covered in posters by Homenajes Urbanos
"Culture / Homeland"

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