Art and a little bit more

We were invited to participate in the first-ever House of Mim event "Baroque" that took place in Denver, last month. 

At first, we weren't sure about what to expect since social distance was a requirement and the event allowed only fifty people in a small gallery with a lawn, but as time went by, we understood the purpose of such a breathtaking event. 

Think of Baroque as an immersive experience where you get to connect with people and art through different sensations, all while social distancing.

Some of OETLCO's pieces were on display, adding up to the visual, fashion, and textural aspect of the event, as Bailey De Vries, Creative Director and Founder of HOM, intended. 

We enjoyed every second of Baroque and what it represented in the world's current situation. 



Room with clothes and a framed piece of art. A carpet on the bottom.

 OETLCo's Ronda Kimono surrounded by Gaucho Belts


Aerial picture of the lawn with circular markings and a woman sitting in the centre.

An artist painted social distancing circles on the lawn, to keep people safe while entertained by the way these loops still connected.


Artist performing in the middle of the stage in black and white and the band playing.

Among the shows, dance performers behind glass at night with a masked violin quartet.

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