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You know how certain smells trigger memories? In the process of capturing the essence of a place like Tuscany, we found that there are dozens, if not more, different scents that take you there in the blink of an eye: the trees, the wind, the stone, the old, cold ceramic and marble, among others.

There is history hidden in plain sight. When the breeze brings the fragrance of the candle, even when it's out, we are taken to an ancient cathedral, surrounded by past lives and their own incredible experiences. After we light it, we are somewhere else. This feeling is what inspired us to create the Due Profumo Toscano Candle.

This pandemic calls for some extra hours of relaxation. We are stuck in our houses with a million worries and this is our chance to sit down, sip from our favorite mug some tea, coffee, or wine, light the candle, let our minds wander, and enjoy every minute.     


At our home, we are candle addicts. We usually like to start our days slowly, having coffee, checking the day's deadlines, talking, and enjoying the different scents we get from our candles.

Have you tried it yet?
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If you don't, you can get yours here. 


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