A Humble Artist & Friend

We invited our friend Ruben Burgess Jr., Sartorialnolift, to create a window installation at our new Victory Park Pop Up. Using readily available chalk markers, he was able to transform once empty windows into something truly memorable with his contoured drawings. Watch the time-lapse of this magician in action and check him out online below.

To view the installation in person, stop by here.




As a congruent identity for the artist, Ruben Burgess Jr., Sartorialnolift is an ongoing interpretation of the vestiary through contoured drawings.

The core of Sartorialnolift binds and connects the external flow of each line between the movement, body and form of his subjects without lift. Burgess’ adept background in fashion is the greatest influence for his work, however his inspiration is unbound to any one thing.

From domestic to industrial, Sartorialnolift utilizes various materials and loose lines to excavate new meaning into the external perspective of photographic imagery, bringing to life a distinct world of unique, sartorial icons.






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