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There is a reason why we keep choosing conscious clothing over fast, mass-produced fashion. We get immense peace of mind. We know where the clothes come from and how they are being made. Their value is unique. The environmental impact and fair honest wages for workers are of utmost importance in this circular economy.

Style and responsibility go hand in hand to Alejandra Gotelli, founder of Cubreme. This Argentine designer along with several others in our collection hold a certification from Wildlife Friendly Enterprise, an organization rooted in collaboration and sustainability with respect for artisans, the land and wildlife. Preserving the regional natural resources, animal welfare, and offering high-quality products are her goals.

Conscious shopping does make a difference. In 2015, we envisioned OETLCo being a creative, sustainable and reliable collection focusing on responsibly made products. It took time to build solid relationships with each designer. 

We saw in Cubreme a big part of the message that what we wanted to send: the empowerment of traditional artisans, manual knitting, and the natural and organic fibers... We fell in love!

Achieve the utmost comfort by keeping it simple or layering. These hand selected luxe knits and outerwear get us excited for fall, even if we’re just hanging and working at home. Don’t delay in checking out the new coats! Chilly weather is approaching and trust us you’ll want one of these.















The Ronda Coat made from Cáñamo, is our first industrial hemp piece and we couldn’t be more excited. Hooray for plant fibers!

Cozy up in all organic cotton Berrinche Merinos sweaters and Chimango Kimonos!

You can be a part of all this goodness here



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