We started with a dream of bringing a different point of view to modern fashion. This very dream has brought us together with independent thinkers and makers, with whom we share ideas, aspirations, and infinite bottles of wine.Focusing on personal relationships, we thrived on small-batch productions and curated collections for several seasons.

As Ora et Labora continues to grow, we continue nurturing the relationships we’ve cultivated with our core team as we partner with more designers who share and promote our values.

Somos Fibra > Sustainable and contemporary designs.


Gaucho Belts > Beautifully handcrafted leather belt.


Due Profumo Toscano Candle

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Wardrobe essentials for the timeless woman.

Classic lines, comfortable clothing that fit into your daily routine — whether at home or on-the-run — find these from Ora et Labora’s collection of timeless, utilitarian basics, all cut to perfection and handmade using sustainably sourced materials. From knitwear, coats and dresses to jewelry, belts and accessories, discover one-of-a-kind, artisan-made clothing that may be worn again and again. Browse our collection of forward and understated pieces.  Mix and match to create clean, effortless looks, building layers for all seasons. Ora et Labora Co. offers an assortment of cozy staples that not only help create a well-defined wardrobe but also tell a story about culture, passion and artistry.

Each piece from Ora et Labora is crafted without compromise and made from 100% honest fabrics — it’s simple, comfortable, seasonless, and sustainable. Explore minimalist, feminine essentials that promote social and environmental responsibility. Look great, feel confident in small-batch products that come in classic shapes and neutral color palettes, and are sure to be loved  year after year.

Sustainable women’s clothing from Ora et Labora.

Ora et Labora is proud to offer pieces that are carefully crafted by creative and passionate makers using techniques passed down from generations. Our community of designers and craftsmen in Italy and Argentina uses only sustainable, recycled materials in their purest, most noble state. This is part of a bigger commitment to supporting our makers’ cultures and industries, all while protecting the environment by following sustainable practices.

With your support, Ora et Labora can bring you more in this collection, handpicked with great care and consideration as always.


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